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A selection of film and video by David McEown and Daisy Gilardini inspired by travels to the polar regions of the arctic and Antarctica as well as other wilderness ecosystems such as Katmai and the great bear rainforest. Many videos also in explore the creative process and challenges of painting and filming in sometimes extreme conditions. Canadian watercolour landscape artist, musician and traveler David McEown and his wife published award winning wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini currently live in Vancouver, BC. 

Wildlife, landscapes and painting impressions are merged together inpsired by the wilderness of Baffin Island and Greenland. Watercolours and video by David McEown
Video and painting Impressions of wildlife encounters along from Botswana's Chobe River and in the Okavango Delta.

Video highlights from South Georgia Island and the challenges of painting on location the vast display of

life force present in the large king penguin colonies. (video and editing by David McEown, additional video and aerial permitted video by Daisy Gilardini)

 Bear behaviour and the process of sketching and painting in the challenging, heart-thumping environment of Kamchatka, Russia’s far east.

Polar bear , walrus and bird encounters while painting in watercolours in the high arctic lattitides of Svalbard.

Wildlife and  the challenges of painting on location painting in watercolour overlooking the big 3 king penguin colonies on South Georgia island: St. Andrews Bay, Salisbury Plain and Gold Harbour.

Painting and wildlife video time lapse highlights from Antarctica , including early season visits to Mikkelsen Harbor, Cuverville Island and the south shetland islands. Encounters with jumping penguins, breaching humpbacks and a weddell seal animate the contemplative process of watercolour painting.
During a safari to Botswana and South Africa David McEown sketches and films wildlife encounters weaving them into this 5 minute video.

David McEown painting the Kermode bear on the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, known as the Great Bear Rainforest.

While painting the sea ice north of Svalbard on an ice strengthened research vessel David encounters Minke and Blue whales as well as polar bears hunting for seals.
While painting the sea ice surrounding Svalbard, David sketches and paints Walrus on shore.

Painting and photography in Svalbard, Norway.

Recent Videos clips and Time Lapse painting from Antarctica and the Falkland Islands 2017.

Time lapse video of watercolor "Cascade" , Mt Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina by Canadian artist David McEown


The documentary "Antarctica, My White Planet”
shot by the Swiss National Broadcast television RTS,
featuring the work of photographer Daisy Gilardini and artist David McEown
has been translated in English and can now be viewed on YouTube

Painting and filming the grizzly bears and the dynamic ecosystem of Katmai National Park, Alaska. Canadian artist David McEown and a photography group with experienced guide camped on location for 10 days at Hallo Bay , in order to witness the complex behavior of the wildlife immersed in and so interconnected with the landscape.

The Sockeye Salmon "Run of the Century" in 2010, is witnessed and painted by Canadian watercolour artist David McEown. Time lapse footage shows the challenging process of capturing the complexity of the colourful salmon below the rivers surface.