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Antarctic Peninsula

David McEown

Sometimes a question is asked at my presentations, why do you paint on location? Why not just take a picture? The act of painting and observing on location for me is a meditation, a way of connecting with the moment and being fully present and aware of "place". Taking in the coloured shapes and inhale them through the body, feel it in the heart and transfer them through the hand, brush and paper. Often good painting is accumulations of this state of attention, a collage of many of the experiences that have happened. Through out a session I am also inspired to take photos and I find that by being still and in one spot often provide great opportunities for close wildlife encounters. I love to watch the tides and currents at play with the ice floes, creating endless compositional dances lit with unearthly Antarctic light. It is here the camera is really handy at capturing those incredible never to be repeated moments.  Thanks again to One Ocean Expeditions for taking us there and we really look forward to do it again later this year!

Painting from the lookout above Neko Harbour.
Painting from the lookout above Neko Harbour.
"Lemaire Channel Sunset"  7in x15in watercolour
"Lemaire Channel Sunset" 7in x15in watercolour