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News and blog posts about recent works, workshops, events, presentations, expeditions and exhibitions by Canadian artist David McEown.

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In Svalbard Ice

David McEown

While recently painting studies of the sea ice north of Svalbard on an ice strengthened research vessel we encountered Minke and Blue whales as well as Polar Bears hunting for seals. Here are   recent videos from the voyage as well as paintings completed on location. More paintings from Svalbard and other dynamic locations in the arctic  are posted on my the Arctic page. 

Many thanks to the team at One Ocean Expeditions for guiding us there. I look forward to  be on the team next summer as part of the "Art in the Arctic" trips" . There is still availabilty for those that may want to paint or draw in the arctic plus brush up on photographic skills!

Northwest Passage, Canada and Greenland's Arctic in Watercolour

David McEown


Overlooking the Ilulissat  Ice fjord. Greenland , There is not paper big enough! (photo by C.S Ling)

In August 2016 I returned to the arctic and continued to  work on the  long term study and documentation of the arctic's incredibly beautiful yet fragile changing landscape. Also i am hoping to soon publish a book of arctic paintings and have some fine reference to work from and thus add to the large collection of studio paintings and plein-air works completed. A selection can be viewed in the arctic wonders galleries  and its links .

Ilulissat Ice  fjord - Jacobsharvn glacier, 15 x 44in watercolour, diptych  - Greenland (available for sale)

Northwest Passage

"Arctic Poppy, 15 x22 inches, watercolor

"Arctic Poppy, 15 x22 inches, watercolor

Many thanks to One Ocean expeditions for navigating us through the arctic's waterways,  and to view its wildlife. Always special  to visit  the wonderful folks that have lived on this land long before the age of exploration. History and stories are written and preserved across the tundra and beneath the surface of  water and ice. It is my hope that  i can bring a few of them to light on paper.

Baffin Island