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David McEown

Once again we visited the antarctic peninsula  as part of the team at One Ocean Expeditions. However this time we arrived later in the season and saw lots of seal and whale action including many adolescent  and energenic penguin chicks! Posted here are video journal highlights , and a selection of Antarctic paintings completed on location.

A collection of video impressions from the Antarctic Peninsula , including David painting the dramatic glacier at Neko Harbour.

This short video is shot while painting on Petermann Island, a special place to observe the variations of penguin species nesting and the changes in populations due to climate change. In this case David encounters 2 young adelie penguin chicks walking into the foreground in front of a dramatic backdrop. 

During a voyage in the Antarctic Sound aboard a Russian research vessel , David paints in sub zero temperatures to allow chance effects and interplay of the weather and the mark making process, all the while trying to convey the scale and mood of immense tabular icebergs appearing through the advancing storm. On the way north , the ship surveys the shores of Elephant island and David has a chance to work on a few paintings of "Point Wild", this is were the members of Shackleton's party were rescued.

Upcoming Expeditions to South Georgia , Antarctica

David McEown

Painting at Gold Harbour, South Georgia.

Painting at Gold Harbour, South Georgia.

We are excited to be joining One Ocean Expeditions for the following  2015 trips and programs to Antarctica/ South Georgia. 

“Painting and Photography in  the sub antarctic island of South Georgia is truly incomparable. Its  stark remoteness and vast glaciated peaks rising out of an unforgiving icy ocean is home to unbelievably  numerous and curious species of  wildlife that makes one  feel like a visitor to a whole new planet. The overwhelming scale, patterns ,color and texture of this place   provides endless  creative inspiration yet can challenge  and “reset” old preconceptions of composition and field work habits while awakening feelings of beauty, reverence and interconnectedness.”




with watercolorist David McEown and photographer Daisy Gilardini

To find out more details on the program, itinerary , and cabin availability  see one ocean expeditions.

This video clip  is from a 2011 expedition to South Georgia.