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News and blog posts about recent works, workshops, events, presentations, expeditions and exhibitions by Canadian artist David McEown.

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South Georgia

David McEown

Looking forward to working with reference gathered during our recent trip to South Georgia, Posted here are highlights and video of the process of trying to comprehend on paper the scale of these sub-antarctic islands.

King penguins line up to cool down and molt along side the glacial melt water rivers of St Andrews bay. The warm sunshine allows for washes to dry allowing for transparent veils of colour to be applied in an attempt to capture the feeling of backlighting over this surreal landscape.

There is not paper big enough to capture the vast display of life force present at the king penguin colony of Salisbury Plain, South Georgia! Canadian artist David McEown paints on location in watercolour some of this planets most remote yet fragile landscapes.

Return to Antarctica and South Georgia

David McEown

In November 2011 I will be returning to Antarctica and really look forward to visit South Georgia again. This special expedition will be taking the ashes of explorerFrank Wild to South Georgia where he will be buried besidehis “boss” and loyal friend Sir Ernest Shackleton. Mr Wild was Shackleton’ right hand man and played a huge role in the 1914-1916 Imperial Trans-Antarctic  expedition  . As secondin command he was left in charge of 21 men on a desolate rock on Elephant island while Shackleton and crew of 5 made the epicrescue mission to South Georgia in a lifeboat. From April 24th to August 30 (winter in antarctica) , Wild and men waited until rescued on a rock now called Point Wild. They all survived. Attached on this post issome short video clips from a previous trip to Elephant Islandand a taste of theincredible wildlifeand painting-photography opportunities at St. Andrews Bay on South Georgia Island.

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Last week I was honoured to receive  the Curry's , Da Vinci award, in recognition of the  painting   "Paradise Bay, Antarctica' . For several years now I have painted on the great white continent and always find inspiration in its natural  beauty and endless abstractions of form. Witnessing climate change among the massive ice shelves, and glaciers, I contemplate this melting flow of water that effects us all. Watercolour is an ideal medium for attempting  to capture the light and flow of this journey  and i am grateful to share this painting at this Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour  open international juried exhibition in Toronto.

"Paradise Bay, Antarctica",
"Paradise Bay, Antarctica",